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10-17-17, 12:14 AM
Hi guys - Welcome to my new website! Feel free to introduce yourself in this forum. I'd love to meet you all! :)

You know I love making films of course, but here's some things you may not know.

I'm 36 years old -- and still love to play Orbiter!
I'm married to my wife of almost 4 years now. No kids yet, but we've been trying.
I've been a small business owner since 2001, specializing in underwater yacht maintenance.
I founded my business after high school with no college. It wasn't until 2015 that I went to college. I graduated with honors, earning my Associates degree in psychology.
I'm part of a cycling team where I live, competing in road races across the state. I've gotten a few podium finishes, but still chasing that elusive win.
Other hobbies include astronomy, learning the piano, keeping up my African Cichlid aquarium, and I love reading history books.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you'll join (http://texfilms.com/register.php) in the discussion!

11-10-17, 07:34 AM
It's cool getting to know the person who created those amazing orbiters cinematics in 2007. I was fan of Orbiter 2006 and was instantly annoyed of my lack of knowledge on orbital mechanics. I just didn't know how space worked! As a sophomore in college and was up to my ear lobes in nautical nonsense, however I began filling my head with gravity turns and hohmann transfers. Then I searched the tubes and stumbled across the STS-120 video and was impressed with your ability to create a video out of this crazy difficult simulator. I wanted more, but sadly there was none. You were the only outstanding creator in this niche.

Some time had passed and when I came back to watch STS-120 again, there were more videos! FSX, Orbiter, and a few others.

More time passed, I graduated College, Orbiter 2010 had dropped, and I was back in the left seat. Once again I floated over to the channel to see what you've been into. Holy smokes there were tutorials! Never again was I to fly that damned freighter on a full tank of fuel in a Buck Rogers style trajectory again!

When 2016 was released I got back into the ol' commanders' seat and took flight. And there you were with the cinematics. It's great to have a guy like you in this fandom. All your videos have an exquisite charm to them. Dancing eager fish waiting for food, amazing piano pieces (especially Moonlight Sonata), intense endurance and accuracy battles on bikes that looked more like a video game than a challenge. (I've always wondered how you transcribed the grade, track diagram, BPM, speed, etc. On the video? Did you commit the time to whip up a template that you copied for each race?).

Here you are now. Not just a mysterious Texans behind a virtual camera; but an interactive member of a community. Building up a fanbase to support the creations of TexFilms is an important and justifying endeavor to follow. I wonder how many old films you have stored in the Tex Vault that never made the YouTube cut. As a Patreon patron, just remember, the more you post, the more you make! I'm excited for the future of TexFilms and interested in your astronomy hobby. The next Total Solar Eclipse to pass through Texas is on 08APR2024. I fully expect TexFilms to capture the event. Keep up the fantastic work, and congratulations on getting married.

11-12-17, 04:04 AM
Thank you Reno, you are too kind. It's been a pleasure having you as a fan for so long now. Thanks for your feedback as always. Wishing you all the best!