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11-02-17, 05:03 PM
I am a Lower East Side New York native now living in the Upper West Side. I have been fascinated with space since elementary school and always wanted to be an astronaut. Other interest included massive structures and complicated machinery.

I fell in love with sailing small J24's at age 14 from lower Manhattan. This quickly became a spring-summer-fall volunteering passion of mine. I found myself working on different charter sailboats in the city until I graduated High School in 2006.

From there I enrolled at SUNY Maritime College. In 2010 I graduated with a BS in Marine Transportation and a USCG Unlimited Tonnage license.

Today I am a proud union member of Masters Mates and Pilots, through which I sail as Second Officer on 299 meter long Maersk Line Ltd. vessels. As a Navigator I plan the voyage, conduct cargo operations, perform mooring and anchoring duties, as well as other tasks.

I have found a passion in my dream career, and urge others to persevere until they achieve theirs.

11-02-17, 11:56 PM
Great intro Reno! Thanks for sharing. Your job sounds great, and it sounds like you worked hard to achieve it. Good on you! We rely on the maritime industry more than people realize. Without you guys, the economy would grind to a halt. As a side note, I work on several J-boats in my career. They like me to scrub the bottom down before regattas. Usually J-109s, but I've been under many different classes.

11-04-17, 01:17 PM
Thanks for the appreciation Tex. Moving the world's cargo is both an exciting and terribly boring career. There are a lot of closely held misconceptions about ships in the public eye. The best way to move the cargo is to not thing about it. The moment you realize you're moving 6,000 trucks with over a billion dollars in value, you tend to over think things.

It's also fantastic to know you have a little sailing history yourself. J-109's are a fantastic platform and a very popular model here in the Northeast. I have empathy for scraping those hulls too. Applying wax and touching up the little scrapes and dings in the hulls were just part of the job of taking care of the fleet.