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Old 08-04-18, 01:13 PM
Nicholas Kang Nicholas Kang is offline
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Default Success! Copenhagen Suborbital's Nex° II Mission

Mission Press Kit available here.

The Nex° II rocket will be the most advanced rocket build and launched by CS so far. The Nex° rocket class is a technology demonstrator in advance of building the significantly bigger Spica rocket that will take our astronaut to space. Thus, Nex° is an important part of the Spica roadmap and the technology developed and used in the Nex° class will be used in the Spica rocket.

Nex° II is actively guided by our own custom build Guidance and Navigation Computer (GNC). A set of four graphite jet vanes are used as the Thrust Vector Control system (TVC) commanded by the GNC. The system is identical to the one successfully used on the Nex° I mission.

Nex° II is in many aspects identical to Nex° I, we have however implemented a few changes and newcomings:
  • Dynamic Pressure Regulation (DPR) including a 6000 standard liter (20 liter @ 300 bar) helium tank
  • Problematic LOX tank vent valve changed for cryo compatible model
  • LOX tank filling monitored by capacitive gauge

For more about the Nex° II Mission, visit here.
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