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Old 10-25-17, 03:08 AM
kgordhamer kgordhamer is offline
Join Date: Oct 2017
Posts: 1
Default Hello From the Midwest USA!

Hi everybody, my name is Ken and I live in a suburb of Kansas City. I've been playing Orbiter since it came out, although I don't know nearly enough about it.

Ever since taking astronomy and astrophysics in high school I have been in love with space. I remember watching Apollo 11 land when I was a kid (yeah, I'm that old...). That grainy video is still one of the pivotal moments of my life.

My father was an Air Force pilot and I joined too, although I never got to fly; I was a nuclear weapons specialist. Love the hardware!

Some of my other interests are the US Civil War and ancient history.
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Old 10-25-17, 03:33 AM
Tex's Avatar
Tex Tex is offline
Flight Director
Join Date: Oct 2017
Location: Houston, Texas
Posts: 106

Hi Ken, great to see you! Thanks for your service. Flying would be great, but your job sounds like it was a cool one too. Wish I was alive to witness the Apollo landings. I'm also a fellow history buff, but I admittedly don't know enough about the Civil War. The war I'm well versed in is WWII, and more specifically that of Germany and Hitler's roll in the years leading up to it and during the war. I did a research project in school and ended up reading several books. One of them was quite good, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". I'm sure you're familiar with it.
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Old 06-19-20, 02:14 AM
annemanike annemanike is offline
Join Date: Jun 2020
Posts: 1

It's cool getting to know the person who created those amazing orbiters cinematics in 2007. I was fan of Orbiter 2006 and was instantly annoyed of my lack of knowledge on orbital mechanics. I just didn't know how space worked! As a sophomore in college and was up to my ear lobes in nautical nonsense, however I began filling my head with gravity turns and hohmann transfers. Then I searched the tubes and stumbled across the STS-120 video and was impressed with your ability to create a video out of this crazy difficult simulator. I wanted more, but sadly there was none. You were the only outstanding creator in this niche.

Some time had passed and when I came back to watch STS-120 again, there were more videos! FSX, Orbiter, and a few others.

More time passed, I graduated College, Orbiter 2010 had dropped, and I was back in the left seat. Once again I floated over to the channel to see what you've been into. Holy smokes there were tutorials! Never again was I to fly that damned freighter on a full tank of fuel in a Buck Rogers style trajectory again!
Anne_AC Market Filelinked_Manike
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